My love of cooking began at an early age in France as I watched my mother prepare meals for our large family. French country cooking is part of my heart and soul. Sharing the secrets of bechamel and ——- and ——- is my little way of demystifying the oftentimes intimidating French cuisine.

Later, after moving to America and beginning my own family, I continued to incorporate my French flair into healthful meals. While on a sailing trip with my husband and girls I learned to bake bread and baking has been a passion ever since. Upon a return trip to France I studied at the ———— where I became a chef. Over the years I have taught cooking classes, offered private chef services, kitchen design and hosted many dinner parties for friends and family both in the United States and abroad.

When I wake up I literally think of food! I spend most of my days meal planning, browsing farmers markets, studying recipes, cooking, baking and hosting.

My dream is to share my knowledge and love of food with you here. Join me…

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